I love the smell of oil paint in the morning..

Incredible skills, beautiful images..my heart feels all juicy: which is officially one of the functions of art..
Look at the work of this man-


Light Night Canning Town 2014.

‘Campus Stellae: Field of Stars’, a work I made as part of The Waking Path event at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, is to now be a part of Light Night 2014, a beautiful looking, exciting looking, one night only event across 9 sites in Canning Town, London. Stoked!

..’This year’s theme of ‘The Fire and the Stars’ is centred on the ancient tradition amongst many communities of gazing into flames and up at the stars, whilst telling stories and freeing our creativity. Artists will create spectacular light installations, performances, music and puppetry and invite audiences to share stories.’



‘Campus Stellae: Field of Stars’, wooden light box, 4′ x 3′ 6″.  2014

 The stars are tracings of points taken from the myriad of maps I used, on the ancient route of a walk I took. They are a shimmer of significance created from plotting places that had meaning: they are the constellation of my walk.





‘Quiet relics of space and time’ 2014.


‘Quiet relics of space and time’ I of 4. Mixed  media on Birch- variable dimensions. 2014


‘Quiet relics of space and time’ 2 of 4. Mixed media on Birch- variable dimensions. 2014

‘In the Absence of Archives’ exhibition, October 2014.


The premise of this exhibition, curated by Claire English, was to invite artists to create a new archive for the Penryn Campus of Falmouth University, rethinking the meanings of identity, memory and loss; a call for artistic interpretations of imagined histories or futures.


I was drawn to the piles of old branches and tree stumps found on the campus site, within the Tremough Estate Gardens- I saw them as archives in themselves, with a quiet role as repositories of memories, and relics of what had been. As I imagined what they had seen and encountered over hundreds of years, I knew I wanted to acknowledge their discarded dignity by recording onto them the space and time within which the archive was being generated for the exhibition.


The stars on the tree stumps are a map of those overhead between October 1st and 16th. A sense of time represented by a universal phenomenon- the microcosm upon the macrocosm.