The tyranny of the quantifiable


‘Golden seam: the volume of a detail’ F.Dobinson 2012

I am in the business of the unquantifiable, the slippery, the hard to pin down. Art making can often be a joy, but it can also be a frightening grind, a lost land of shapes and forms that lack logic but insist on showing themselves. This business of art making has no real rules, regardless of what some may say. And those saying those things are desperately clawing for an inference of certainty in a world of uncertainty. Face to face daily with not knowing is exhilarating, and knackering. At the coal face of mystery is where I dwell. What I create did not exist even seconds before I complete it. There is no fanfare, no pat on the back or ‘good job’ when i do, just maybe an exquisite mini-moment of a satisfaction that is grounded in its own framework of work well done.

I build scaffolds: supports and creative habits that give me a false sense of fragile security in my own creative no [wo]mans land. These temporal frames can give me sufficient sustenance and hope (though more often than not misguided and ungrounded) for the journey forward. Without them, it all falls down- I am an inconsolable heap of doubt and self loathing, living a lie, not making anything of worth (and so forth).

Art making for me is a way of tracking my unknown, to meet and extend my edges, my borders, my boundaries. I give visual form to an unfolding- to a tension between artist, prompt and material used, to a deep and chiming pull to make things in response to something. No discourse, no analysis, just illuminating process.

Light Night Canning Town 2014

This Saturday night, as the light of the day dims and night falls, beautiful things begin to happen across 7 sites in Canning Town, London. Projections, interactive celestial art installations, a hyperreal hearthside with storytelling and performance and artists showcasing a range of art forms in innovative urban spaces.
My piece ‘Campus Stellae: Field of Stars’ will be a quiet feature in this extravaganza based on fire and stars.
I can’t wait.

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I love the smell of oil paint in the morning..

Incredible skills, beautiful heart feels all juicy: which is officially one of the functions of art..
Look at the work of this man-

Light Night Canning Town 2014.

‘Campus Stellae: Field of Stars’, a work I made as part of The Waking Path event at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, is to now be a part of Light Night 2014, a beautiful looking, exciting looking, one night only event across 9 sites in Canning Town, London. Stoked!

..’This year’s theme of ‘The Fire and the Stars’ is centred on the ancient tradition amongst many communities of gazing into flames and up at the stars, whilst telling stories and freeing our creativity. Artists will create spectacular light installations, performances, music and puppetry and invite audiences to share stories.’


‘Campus Stellae: Field of Stars’, wooden light box, 4′ x 3′ 6″.  2014

 The stars are tracings of points taken from the myriad of maps I used, on the ancient route of a walk I took. They are a shimmer of significance created from plotting places that had meaning: they are the constellation of my walk.